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    Our Technology

    Today, Extraction and Separation Cannabinoids for treating patients is
    mostly based on solvent extraction and distillation using alcohol,
    Butane, propane, DME, SC CO2, etc.;

    These methods need further treatment for purification usaly in order
    to remove the solvent and get pure and clean extract.
    Additives are often used to compensate loss on active compounds
    such as Terpenes, various voltliles, flavanoids and
    Cannabinoids that had changed during the process.  

    With our technology, the plant material is processed without
    solvents to vapors, and carefully condensed and filtered to
    achieve high purity extract to be administrated to patients
    with no loss of active compounds.

    Designed to meet market demand on standardized pharmaceutical
    production systems and able to achieve pure, clean extracts with
    complete range of active compounds without additional processing.